Zombie greeters with a myriad of other Stephen King-inspired characters jolt the nerves of those brave enough to witness the fourth annual “Your Worst Nightmare” Haunted House in DeFuniak Springs.

Buzzing madness and malevolence, special effects and potent dramatic content, the fourth annual Haunted House sponsored by the DeFuniak Springs Art Co-Op moves to a larger venue at the Walton County Fairgrounds in DeFuniak Springs so we can bring patrons even more surreal scenes of terror!  The horrors, psychological mind games and legendary stories of Stephen King are reenacted in 13 rooms with the final one being optional for those who just can’t stomach Pennywise and the clowns from “It.”  Without giving too much away, favorite scenes such as “Here’s Johnny” from The Shining and “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” from Children of the Corn are just a few of the hauntingly familiar characters waiting to terrify you with a well-seasoned cast returning this year for more nights of fright. In all, nine movies such as Misery, The Green Mile, Pet Sematary, Salem’s Lot, and Mist are among the frightingly intense scenes terrifying viewers.


For spooky groupies who return every year and all newcomers, tickets can be purchased at the door for a mere $10 at this year’s new location, the Fairgrounds at 790 N. 9th Street in DeFuniak Springs with easy parking in front of the building.  “Your Worst Nightmare” productions take place Friday, October 19th (7-10 p.m.), Saturday, October 20th (7-midnight) and again Friday, October 26th (7-10 p.m.) and Saturday, October 27th (7-midnight).  Due to both the content and nature of the Haunted House, attendees must be at least 12 years or older to be admitted or accompanied by a parent if under 12 years of age.


Check the Haunted House website at https://www.dfshauntedhouse.com/ or


The Haunted House Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DeFuniak-Springs-Haunted-House-566646797086203/

You may also email inquiries to defuniakspringshauntedhouse@gmail.com or call the Art Co-Op at 850-419-3007.

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